Tuesday 29 January 2008

Burns Scuppered

We couldn't locate any gluten-free haggis and didn't feel inclined to try our hand at mincing up some sheep innards ourselves (well, if Crombies of Edinburgh have tried and failed to come up with a gluten-free haggis that's palatable to their tastes, what chance do we have?) so I had to watch from the sidelines as Sharon and the boys tucked into their haggis, neeps and tatties for dinner last Friday. With fish fingers! They all ate up their portions with little bidding.

Sean and Finn were delighted to be wearing their kilts to school and pre-school and they were drawing many admiring glances on the Saturday too, having insisted on wearing the kilts again out to Sainsburys. The kilts even made a brief appearance on Sunday afternoon too when Lesley and Stuart came round to visit. It was on with the diddly-idyll music for a dance, as can be seen in the short video clip above.

Rowan has been a bit of a rascal of late. He loves nothing better than getting in the thick of it if there's any carry on and is getting on famously at Fairmile Kindergarten on Thursdays and Fridays. He hardly wants to leave and apparently has a smile on his face all day. When in the house he is forever emptying the kitchen cupboards and drawers, leaving utensils and clear plastic lids in strategic tripping and slipping points about the house. And he's fond of a tantrum too, throwing his head back violently and yelling as though the worst injustices have been exacted upon him when asked to take another spoonful or, heaven forbid, you try to clean his face with a cloth. But he loves his Daddy, no matter how often Mammy tries to teach him to say her name too!

On Sunday morning we went for a walk and cycle around Musselburgh, by the River Esk. Not particularly scenic but a pleasant change and a breath of fresh air, much needed when you get stuck in the house for too long with three noisy boys.

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