Monday 21 January 2008

Hiking in the hills

We've climbed far enough for one dayNot for us, a wander to the local playpark. Yesterday we drove round to Castlelaw and went for a hike up the path in the direction of Allermuir. We were never going to get that far but Sean and Finn did well, as did Sharon with Two Stone Ro' on her back. It was a cold wind blowing across from the west and Rowan wasn't too impressed judging by the tears in his eyes and his pinky-purple cheeks. We walked for about an hour, saw some soldiers and some sheep, sang some songs and got plenty fresh air and exercise.

Finn tucks inJudging by the gusto with which the lads tucked into their lunch at the all-new Swanston Golf Club, a walk in the Pentlands is good for the appetite. The golf club is where Sharon now holds her monthly team meetings and it is a welcome addition to the area, serving decent food at a fair price with a stylish bar and great views.

Rowan lends a handWe all painted pictures in the afternoon then had a carry-on, with lots of tickles and Rowan dive-bombing on to anyone foolish enough to lie in his path.

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