Tuesday 12 February 2008

Catch-up week

Sean and Finn are on holiday this week and it's giving us all a chance to catch-up on some sleep. They're still up at their usual hour, albeit with the clock half-an-hour slow (as per British Weekend Time in the Wallace household), but have been reading or playing quietly and Rowan has been sleeping on until 8am. Without the guddle of getting everyone fed, dressed and out the door it makes for a more relaxing morning. Rowan gets a full lunchtime nap too, rather than being compromised by Finn's drop-off at pre-school and the boys' collection afterwards.

It's a typical breakfast sceneSaturday was a lovely mild day and I took Sean and Finn to Tom's 4th birthday party in Braids Ave. It was good spending the afternoon in the Moran's back garden, all the kids having a great time running about. We even took a detour to Buckstone Park on the way home; the first playpark outing for some time. Sharon let Rip Van Rowan sleep for 3.5 hours while she did a big kitchen tidy-up and food prep for the evening as we entertained Lesley and Paul. A fine spread and enjoyable evening of chat was had by all.

Sunday started fine then became curiously foggy but I was able to tackle some gardening, turning over a vegetable bed and trimming the bushes behind the bottom shed before the usual burst of spring growth renders them impenetrable.

Today the boys were making Valentine cards. Sean for his Mammy, Phoebe and Cara (spreading his favours around) and Finn for Zoe. Finn can manage a decent signature of his own these days. Sean keeps trying to do joined up writing even though he said they don't do that until P3. Rowan gets cheekier by the day with his a-low! a-low! a regular chant from his cot of a morning. He's usually standing in the corner craning his neck round to try and see through the chink of the door.

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