Tuesday 5 February 2008

Nights out

I managed out on Friday night. A rare event! I met up with Neil, the manager I was working with who recently left to join Intelligent Finance, and Brian the Piscine Wonderboy for a few drinks in the West End. It was good to get out although being restricted to cider in these gluten-free days doesn't leave the best taste in my mouth. Still, I generally feel better than I did when drinking hoppy, gluten-ridden beer, however tasty that may have been. Greens Gluten-Free Beers are a decent substitute but only really available on-line: not much use at 10.30pm in the Au Bar.

Following that, Sharon and I went out for a meal on the Sunday with Vanessa and Dave Milligan and their friend Jo. We've met Vanessa and Dave on previous PC trips and we had a great night with a decent meal in Iglu followed by a couple of drinks in the Library room at the back of the excellent Kays Bar in Jamaica Street. I can always remember Sharon and I sharing pints of Guinness there late one Sunday afternoon after a chilly tour doing festive shopping. So that's the kind of things we did before we had children.

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