Tuesday 11 March 2008

Literary giants

Cheeks made for kissingBee. Beep beep. Moo. Baa. Slowly but surely Rowan is extending his vocabulary and his independence, being reasonably adept at feeding himself with a spoon now. But, oh!, can that boy make a mess! Father Jack, as he is known, after the legendary Father Ted character who sat in a chair surrounded by detritus, can generate a phenomenal amount of torn bread, squashed fruit, half-chewed meat morsels, Weetabix smears, yoghurt drips and biscuit crumbs. The tiled floor is encrusted with his legacy and there are parts of his wooden high-chair that have developed a patina of purees. Steam cleaning seems the only answer - and that's just for Rowan!

Moon-Face and Mr. WatzisnameSean went to school dressed as Moon-Face (from the Faraway Tree) for World Book Day last week. One of the teachers was dressed as Saucepan Man, apparently, and Sean's costume was cited as "really cool" by an older pupil.

Finn went to Fairmile Kindergarten dressed as a skeleton (without the mask) to complement his Funny Bones book, only to find out that they weren't doing anything to celebrate the day. Unperturbed, the bold Finty enjoyed being the centre of attention as the other children crowded round him. "Are those your real bones?" "Yeah." "Can I see your book?" "No, you can't read, I'll tell you the story..."

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