Saturday 29 March 2008

A long time coming....

Yes, its been too long since I posted anything to the website. Ian has been at me to do it since we got back from France. But the to-do list always seems to be longer than the time available to complete the to-do list! But I suppose I should be used to that, it has always been that way with me. Scary to think I used to be a senior project manager, can't seem to keep on top of normal day to day stuff now!

The holiday in France seems a dim and distant memory already. That said, I still look at the photos, especially of the day we went skiing, and smile to myself. That day was just the icing on the cake for me. It had been six or seven years since I had been skiing, having either been pregnant or breastfeeding for the last few years during the ski season. This is the one thing I wish I could change Ian's opinion on - I absolutely love to ski, love the fresh air, being outdoors all day, the scenery, everything. Ian, on the other hand, has no interest in it, sadly.

But it was amazing being back on snow again, belting down the slopes (nothing overly adventurous). In the morning, I skied with Andrew, Eleanor and Catriona. The two little ladies were nothing short of spectacular on their wee skis. I was apprehensive for the first hour, wondering how Sean and Finn were getting on at Ski School with Frederique, their intructor. But my heart was bursting with pride when we skied back down to find them just finishing up their lesson, heads wet with sweat, tired but having enjoyed themselves. They just looked the best things ever in their ski gear! Cute doesnt even come close.

In the afternoon, to be able to take Sean and ski with him between my legs was just wonderful. The first run down the piste, he was shouting at all around "dont crash into us", and "watch out Mam!", not realising that I was capable of zig-zaging down the slopes without crashing into anyone! I'm no Allain Baxter on skis, but I can manage ok! Second time down, he was a bit more chilled, third time he was shouting at me to go faster! As he had an all-in-one ski suit on him, and I was holding him under his arms, he was complaining of his pants being up his bot a lot!

But he was just fantastic. I'll never forget the two of us on the chair lifts, moving above the trees, watching all going on below, having a wee chat in the still silence. A day to cherish without doubt. I am determined that next winter, we will go back out and get him and Finn more confident on skis.

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