Friday 27 June 2008

Back to the boys

Finn crept into the room on Tuesday morning, delighted to see us back. Sean wasn't far behind. It was good to see them, and Rowan, who looked a little surprised that it wasn't Nana or Papa opening his door. Did they miss us? It's doubtful, given the attention they're usually spolit with when we're not there. It sounds as though Michael must have read every book in the house to Rowan and Sean had been trying the "Mum always buys us a sticker book" trick when lunching at Klondyke Garden Centre. Finn didn't miss out on his Friday morning regular hot chocolate at the "Zebra Cafe" (Zulu Lounge) in Morningside and they were all driven to Bonnyrigg soft play by Michael for a sweaty runaround.

Marie did a sterling job as ever in cooking, cleaning and changing nappies. Both her and Michael looked a tad relieved that we had returned!

Finn enjoyed his Sports Day on the Tuesday afternoon and came home with a medal, as everyone does these days. While he has been enjoying himself at pre-school he no longer seems particularly happy on a Thursday so we've arranged for Alison to take him instead of him going to nursery all day. While out the other day, Finn whispered to Mammy that the lady on the bus was a bit fat. Sharon explained she had a baby in her tummy. On then seeing a rather rotund gentleman Finn exclaimed, "He must have TWO babies in his tummy!"

Rowan is still very happy at Fairmile, leaving us with nary a backward glance and reluctant to come home in the evening. He is noisy and loves stomping about with his brothers or playing on his own or pulling the trousers off us in an attempt for us to join him in playing choo-choo or doing a jig-aw. His hair is getting ridiculously long but we are loathe to cut it in case he loses some of his character.

Unbelievably, Sean has finished Primary One. He had some assessments towards the end of term which highlighted his prowess at solving logic problems ("I think I got them all right" - not far off) so they'll tailor his maths work next year so that he continues to be challenged. He's a bright lad! His first year at school has just flown by. We'd better not blink or there will suddenly be a line of graduation photos on the sideboard (by a comfortable, upright armchair...).

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