Friday 6 June 2008

First report

Sean got his first school report today. Key for us was in his "Personal and Social Development" where he was rated excellent in all aspects and his teacher began by writing "Sean ... has been an absolute pleasure to teach." He was rated Skilled or Competent in all the aspects of the subject areas English Language, mathematics, Environmental Studies, Expressive Arts and Religious and Moral Education with his stand-outs being all aspects of reading, writing and language and his numbers and problem solving. Well done young lad on an excellent report! We might need to frame it!

Finn also got his pre-school Record of Achievement. He too has settled in well and had the note "Finn has a good sense of humour and is becoming more confident chatting to the other children." He sounds similar to Sean at that age, rather reluctant to take part but happy in himself and with those he knows well. I suspect he doesn't display the range of skills and knowledge we know he has but I'd agree that he's not the arts and crafts lover that his big brother is!

Rowan continues to amaze the girls at Fairmile with his stream of chat, jumping at the chance to repeat any simple words and phrases and remember them for later. He certainly knows how to demand attention however, being very insistent when he wants me, or more often Sharon, to play with him, get him something, take something away and so on. He's very definite in his requirements that boy. If he doesn't fancy a book it gets the swift "all done" treatment followed by an attempt to close it and cast it away. This is usually followed by a request for "choo-chew" or "baw-boos" (Thomas) instead.

Fortunately the efforts of Wednesday in securing a babysitter were worthwhile as we won our Parks Trophy tie. Sharon had a really good team meeting too so we were both in fine mood that evening. A rare event, us both feeling we've come out ahead by the end of the day!

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