Monday 28 July 2008

Sunshine in July

The sun came out this week. It's been a slightly better summer than last year but nothing special. We've not really been constrained by the weather but it's nice to have a bit of heat on your back. Sharon brought Sean and Finn into town on Friday and we had a picnic in the park at Eyre Place. It was another new playpark for the boys to sample. Sean was writing out a list of the playparks he's been to in Edinburgh and the Lothians. It was quite a long list!

We had a tidying weekend, partly driven by having Scott and his heavily pregnant fiancee Zoe for dinner on Saturday evening. Sharon thoroughly enjoyed making an effort with the food and we had a good evening with me dragging out some old photos from St. Andrews days and our "groomsmen" trip to Canada to support Steve in 1995. Changes in personnel since then! With us currently 3-0 in the lead on the children front the chat inevitably wound round to babies. As Sharon said, I never thought I'd be having a conversation with Scott on the merits of real nappies!

Despite the more favourable cricket weather, the season has refused to ignite. Our last chance at silverware melted away with defeat by the Widows, with my rather expensive bowling analysis no help in us defending a rather paltry total of 81. Bowling off a long run-up all season, unlike the last few years where I've mainly sent down my meagre 3 or 4 overs off a couple of strides, I've been feeling the effects more on my back and knees. Year by year, what little fitness I had gradually ebbs away...

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