Wednesday 10 September 2008

Ladybird walkin

Rowan phoned me today to tell me he was doing a "jig-aw" and that there was a "ladybird walkin" (it was the big Noddy jigsaw). I think Sharon phoned at Rowan's insistence for five minutes' peace because Rowan can be very insistent. "Comin, comin, comin!" is another shout if you aren't coming quickly enough to do what he bids. His manners are improving though with "peese", "than coo", and "paddin" generally used at the right time when he is reminded.

Pete and Tracy's wet weekend visit took us to Loanhead for a communal swim and Ratho for a good runaround in the soft play. I was out of puff chasing Sean. He can fairly move when he wants to and my fitness is definitely on the wane. Finn showed me his forward roll in the water at swimming and Sean did two backward rolls underwater after coming down the elephant slide. I envy them their confidence in the water and hope they can keep it up. Finn really impressed Sharon at his swimming lesson on Monday and obviously enjoyed it. I nearly had a Bad Dad episode on Sunday as we went for a brief walk while Sharon made lunch. The climbs through the trees at Bonaly are steep at the best of times but when you have Rowan on your shoulders, are leading Finn by the hand and heavy rain comes on, then things could easily go awry. Fortunately we returned unscathed. Rowan (14kg) had a great time from his elevated vantage point. Carrying him like that will get me fit!

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