Wednesday 3 September 2008

Mama Mia

Sharon took Finn and Sean to see Mama Mia at the Odeon in Lothian Road at teatime on Sunday. It was a very successful trip as the boys loved it. This was no suprise as the ABBA CD we have must be close to worn out by now and Sean has been trying to learn the lyrics too. Even Rowan chips in with his own passable versions of Super Trouper and Mama Mia. On the way there, Sean was telling Finn that the film was about a girl getting married on a Greek island. "Who is she marrying?" asked Finn. "I don't know. Some boy," replied Sean, "unless it's a gay wedding. That's when a girl marries a girl or a boy marries a boy." Sharon, to her credit, didn't swerve or drive off the road!

Rowan is developing his terrible twos tantrums nicely. He has added "no fair!" (complete with pout) to his repertoire and has us hounded with pleas to "elp me" when he wants help with a jigsaw or game. He can easily keep repeating this mantra for an hour. Bawling his eyes out and throwing himself to the floor or the base of his cot are other well-worked routines, especially first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

I had the pleasure of stepping into Sharon's shoes yesterday (not literally, unlike Finn, who is fond of a trot through the house in a pair of high heels) as she was down at Ascot on business. Rowan was put in or taken out of his car seat 24 times in all as we dropped Sean and Finn to Pentland Primary, went to various shops, collected Finn, collected Sean, went to the dentist and went to Buckstone Park. The boys behaved well in the dentist, Rowan lying back in the chair eyeing the dentist warily and barely opening his mouth. Sean's teeth are very good, despite being a good brusher Finn may have hypercalcification which means his teeth have a tendency to yellow, and I had a scale and polish. My lip has almost healed following the operation.

Finn started his swimming lessons yesterday, at George Watsons. He was a bit tearful to start with as it is pandemonium around the pool as classes change over but he soon settled down to do diving under the water for toys, pushing out to a lane rope from which he was then dangled like a monkey, and jumping in. He was excited and pleased with himself afterwards which is always lovely to see in Finn as he has a real twinkle in his eyes. Sean re-started his classes too. He'll need to start improving else Finn will soon catch him up!

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