Tuesday 25 November 2008

Pleased with themselves

Rowan has conjunctivitis and has to miss his optician's appointment this morning. He's been referred to a dermatologist too, for the bullet-like cyst on his chin.

Sharon doesn't have much time to put entries on here but here's an e-mail she sent me today:

Thanks for bringing boys this morning, never heard you mention about bringing them, hence why I was getting togged up to go out. Rowan was so upset then, he wanted to "go a skool too a sean and finn". Thanks also for going out promptly for milk this morning. Personally, I thought toast, scrambled egg and fruit would have sufficed, but I am a mean mammy.

Forgot to tell you that Ro was sitting up having a snack yesterday while I tidied the kitchen, had my back to him when I heard the call of "go play, mammy, I go play now". Chatted to him while I finished my task, and then I heard "I did it myself" and there he was standing on the floor right behind me, looking fierce pleased with himself! He had managed to get out of the high chair himself and climb down, the little fairy!

I'm so pleased Sean got his final sticker [Sean was beaming and delighted to get his final red sticker yesterday at swimming] and Finn looked so proud of himself this morning when he came down into the kitchen fully dressed, chest stuck out like a little peacock, grinning ear to ear!

The bottom is falling out of my December, with only two current bookings. Am so not in the mood to work today, but have such a to-do list, its unreal!. Feeling so ropey, cold definitely taking hold, back/bottom very sore with that trapped nerve or whatever it is [Sharon hurt her back trying to manoeuvre an unco-operative Finn into his car seat].

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