Thursday 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

What a quiet New Year we had! With the kids packed off to bed and the telly absolutely rotten, Sharon read for most of the evening and I did some mundane tidying up of our website. We were in bed before the bells which we noted once the cacophony of the city centre fireworks reached us out here in Fairmilehead. However, a peaceful night was not on the cards. Rowan shouted and bawled for attention (refused his blanket at 1am then was demanding his blanket at 3am and was roaring again at 4.15am) throughout the night and Finn appeared at 6.30am having had a nightmare. A fourth child will be so much fun...

We bade farewell to 2008 with a lunch at La Fontana down by Canonmills yesterday. The boys were well enough behaved with Sean enjoying a big pizza and Finn eating up his calamari. Rowan's appetite still isn't great. Sharon had a tagliatelle romano and I enjoyed a gluten-free pasta with amatricana sauce.

So what will 2009 bring? More sleepless nights no doubt and a desperate economy, by all forecasts. As long as I remain gainfully employed and the sun shines a bit more than this year then we'll get by.

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