Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bat and bowl

Having to get up in the morning to the sound of screams is never the best way to start the day, I've found. At first it sounded like Sean had over-reacted to one of his bumps or bangs or Finn's unwelcome attentions but it became apparent that both were shouting in fear of their lives. I struggled to understand what they were saying but it sounded like something had flown past Sean on the landing. He thought it was a bird or a bat and that it had headed into the spare room.

With Sean and Finn grabbing each other for dear life by the bathroom door, I looked into the spare room. No sign of anything. Stepping in further, half-anticipating a frenzied attack from a savage wood pigeon, I noticed a small black, toad-like shape on the cream carpet over by the window.

Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I tried to focus on it as Sharon joined us. She confirmed that it was indeed a bat and requested a bowl to assist it in its departure from the house. Bravely she went into the room, closed the door and opened the windows to encourage the small frightened creature to vacate the premises. This it did without suddenly rising from the carpet, assuming a vampiresque form and falling upon Sharon's neck. Well, the sun was up and, given she is carrying our fourth child, Sharon's blood would not necessarily be the drink of choice for a discerning vampire.

Panic over, we went through the usual morning routine of getting the boys dressed, fed and off to school. We're curious as to how the bat got inside the house and I'll need to investigate the attic for evidence of a roost. Not that there is much we can do if there are bats in the building other than hope they don't re-enter the house and cause a stir like we had this morning. I remember a small bird getting into our bedroom when Lesley and I were young and that caused a fair bit of consternation as it flew round and round trying to get back out the window, so we'll excuse Finn and Sean for their screaming this morning.

Rowan had his eyes tested yesterday and appears to have a slight astigmatism in his left eye and is slightly long-sighted in that eye too. Nothing to bother about, however, so no glasses for the Roaster. Just as well, as he has no nose to support spectacles. Finn's glasses are forever sliding down his nose these days. Rowan is to go back in six months but he doesn't seem to have the problems that have bothered his brothers.

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