Sunday 19 July 2009

Flying high

Rowan was sick last week for the first time that we can recall. Colds and chesty coughs, yes, but vomting, no. He's been off his food for a few days but seems to be regaining his appetite now. Whatever he had he must have passed on to Finn who threw up on Thursday night, fortunately just after I'd got him up for his wee so he was able to return to the bathroom rather than make a mess of his bed.

With swine flu predicted to reach epidemic proportions, we had our concerns when it turned out a girl who had been cuddling Angus last week was subsequently diagnosed as having swine flu. He doesn't seem to have developed any symptoms although his features are a tad porcine, the rate at which he's fattening up.

There was no sickness or tears on the flight to Dublin on Saturday morning, as I roused Sean, Finn and Rowan at 0600 and marshalled them into a taxi (Edina cabs - good service and rate!) and through the airport. Sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes was a bit tedious as Rowan doesn't do sitting still with a seat-belt on, but we got to Ireland without mishap, despite Sean and Finn being initially apprehensive about flying. Both were fine. Michael met us and we were whisked down to Athlone in record time, the new road shaving a good 45 minutes off the trip. Rowan was a bit tired and irritable (shouting "I want to go to my house!" ad infinitum) but the appearance of Edel and Adrian soon livened the boys up.

Sharon had her big moment at the conference, delivering the closing motivational speech to around 770 delegates. Despite early nerves where she thought she was going to snap the podium through gripping it too tightly, she came good and got a standing ovation at the end with many people suitably inspired and telling her as much afterwards. She didn't have time to bask in the glory though, having to head off to Holyhead to catch the boat to Dublin, negotiating various thunderstorms en route. She arrived in Dublin Port at 0100 and Athlone at 0230 so she is a little tired today to say the least. Angus travelled well and will be the first Wallace boy, at only seven weeks, to notch up a complete set of Scotland, England, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I think I was 35 before I ticked Wales off my list and that was only an afternoon playing cricket just across the border from Chester!

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