Wednesday 5 August 2009

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I've managed to get in a bit of golf this summer, being determined to use up my GreenFeeSavers vouchers this year rather than let them languish in the drawer until the winter is upon me and any enthusiasm for golf has died with the leaves on the trees. The day after our return from Ireland I played Euan Fletcher at West Linton. It's fair to say Euan poses more of a threat to whatever wildlife inhabits the heather and gorse of the Pentlands than to the European Tour, but my golf was poor too, with woeful putting especially a concern as I blundered my way to a 95 with about 44 putts.

After a shaky start yesterday, my putting did recover, but not enough to prevent Scott and I going down to a 2 hole defeat to Pete Bell and Steve Caldwell at Scotscraig. Scott kept us in it early on but post-wedding tiredness caught up with him and it was a 15-footer from me that took us down the last but Pete's par clinched it. Still, an 89 (+18) was more like my handicap form.

Sharon and I were up at St. Andrews at the weekend for Scott and Zoe's wedding. Steve was best man, hence his appearance this side of the Atlantic, with Marion and children Euan and Tessa in tow. They came round to ours for dinner last week. The wedding was most enjoyable, held at the Kinkell Byre amidst the new golf courses to the east of St. Andrews. The views north up the Angus coastline were stunning. And Angus was stunning too, being on his best behaviour during the ceremony and subsequent reception, wide-eyed at the lights and the music as I got him up for a dance for his late feed. It was good seeing Scott's Glasgow High pals again and Mike the Fat Postie, as well as my Uni chums such as Steve Dane and Mark Salmon, recalling tales of derring-do and student-life stupidity. Thanks to Wendy and Ian for minding the big three and not objecting to our post-0100 return home.

Sean and Finn are on a drama camp this week up at the church and seem to be enjoying it. It's good pre-P1 training for Finn: getting up and dressed and fed and out and spending a whole day (0930-1600) in the company of a mix of children. They've been painting and singing and learning some things for a show to be put on at the end of the week. Angus had a belated 6-week check and is growing 1cm per week and is now over a stone in weight. No wonder our backs are sore humphing him about!

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