Wednesday 30 September 2009

Active kids

Sean has started going to Beavers on a Friday night. At the moment it seems like an interesting diversion for him and is just another place where he can play games and do arts and crafts type stuff as far as he is concerned but we'll see if he sticks at it once the darker nights roll in. Ross is going too. Ross was round for a sleepover last Saturday night so I took all five children to Morningside Park for a play which was a fair achievement in its own right. Rowan, as ever wanting to be pushed higher and higher on the swing, leaned forward when the swing was at its highest backward point and almost toppled out to the ground. Fortunately he was in a swing with a bar so recovered with just a severe jolt rather than broken bones. But if he says to you, "I nearly fell out the swing at Morningside Pawrk [sic]. Daddy pushed me too high", then you now have my side of the events. Apart from swinging ever higher ("I'm going slowler Daddy, push me!"), Rowan likes to repeat things as if to confirm them in his head. Hence when I sing him songs at bedtime I am duly informed, "Mummy not sing songs for me" which originates from one evening of denial rather than Sharon adopting a long-standing no-singing policy.

The boys enjoyed watching Bolt on DVD then before Ross was picked up I took the four biggest down to Vogrie Park for a walk in the woods and a play in the "playpawrk". Rowan did well on the walk but was fairly whingeing at the distance covered and I was having to use the line "if you want to do things with big boys you have to act like a bigger boy" which is a bit harsh given he's not yet three but he's too heavy to carry any distance. Talking of reinforced memories, Sean once again recalled eating (pumpkin) soup in the cafe at Vogrie House when the fire alarm went off and he had to go outside eating his bread. He was just Rowan's age at the time.

Sean and Finn have both earned big stickers at swimming, with lessons having resumed. Sean was very pleased with himself for doing a proper dive in. Finn has been working on using his arms at the backstroke. Neither of them are keen on doing anything particularly active outside the house though. Both are less than enthusiastic about attending the whimsically-named "ball sports" after school on a Thursday. They prefer imaginative play indoors, with Rowan a willing aide, and can occupy themselves for long stretches with only a few minor skirmishes when they're playing well. Sharon and I would like to see them more active outdoors, and I'm usually keen to get them out and running about at a playpark of a weekend. The "running game" is still a favourite, with me directing them to run around things and perform activities. They also like games where I chase them but with my knee, groin and elbow all dodgy and my asthma playing up, I'm less keen on that!

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