Sunday 15 November 2009

Angus meets Michelle

Sleep deprivation aside (see later entry), we had a great weekend up by Aberdeen visiting the Kavanaghs. Angus had a chance to meet Michelle and with Rowan and Helen testing their mettle against each other and Sean and Finn having a good time with Jamie we had plenty time to enjoy Pete and Tracy's company and cooking. We escaped the bad weather moving into southern Britain as we drove up on Friday, stopping briefly at Stonehaven so that Sharon could feed Angus and the boys could take a brief stroll along the wave and wind-lashed shingle beach. As expected, given they had slept in the car and were excited at the sleeping arrangement, the boys took a while to settle down and their were several appearances by Rowan and Finn as we ate dinner.

On the Saturday we headed into a small soft play then came back for lunch after some exploring in the local woods. Rowan was showing signs of being overly tired as we tramped the muddy path but the other boys were enjoying playing amongst the trees. It can often be a struggle to get them outdoors at this time of year but they invariably enjoy it when they do. Later on we went to Newton Dee, a nearby residential park which has a playpark and farm on it. Sean wasn't impressed by the smell of the cows and pigs as we toured the barns and sheds. Rowan had resorted to being pushed in the buggy, which should have been a sign that something was ailing him.

On Sunday, with the weather still holding, we drove along to Crathes Castle for a walk and a play in the trees. Unfortunately Finn, or I, as I was holding his sweatshirt which had his glasses in the pocket, lost his glasses. He is due a new prescription anyway so at least it was a timely loss. Pete joined us from a duathlon and we had a fairly manic lunch (4 adults and 7 children) in the cafe which catered well in one sense (GF bread available for sandwiches) but didn't impress me when coucous turned up in the side-salad for the baked potato! I bought small toys for Sean and Finn. They can't see past a gift shop. Rowan had a toy in the car which Sharon evidently thought I had bought for him. Nope! So, like his mother before him (I remember that Portugese-English dictionary in 1999), Rowan has become an "accidental" shoplifter.

Finn slept most of the way home as we lost the southward race with the sun. A most enjoyable break!

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