Monday 12 April 2010

Settling in to C'an Picafort

On waking up, we weren't quite greeted with the sense of astonishment that our house in Orgiva afforded us with in May 2002, with the stunning views south to La Contraviesa and north to the Sierra Grande, but the lovely garden and pool and the spacious interior of the house seem to be ideal for our needs. We are in the north end of C'an Picafort, a resort on the north-eastern Mallorcan coast, apparently favoured by Germans. The house is about 200m along the road from the beach and across the road from a small play-park and is secure in terms of us being able to lock the front gate and keep wandering boys (Rowan and Finn) in check.

We took a walk this morning to try and find somewhere open for breakfast and, with it being a Sunday and the Easter rush over, the resort seemed decidedly out of season. Eventually we found a place for hot chocolate, sandwiches and omelette. I took the boys back via the play-park while Sharon took a longer route, scouting out the promenade. She was delighted to report that the beach and views up and down the Bay of Alcudia were very enticing.

There's a chill breeze blowing across the patio for now but the boys seem happy to explore the house and paddle in the pool. The water is cold though! Each of the steps down were assigned levels and the challenge was to progress to each level. Finn was the first to manage level 5 and swim across the pool, a feat he did not repeat! Sean never got that far. I did get in for a swim (it only took ten minutes to get right in!) but after quarter of an hour or so I was chilled to the marrow.

Sharon returned to Palma airport, in daylight this time, on the right roads, and arrived back in the early evening with Marie and Michael. We all walked down to the prom where the views to the headlands north and south of the long bay are indeed worth seeing. We ate out, thankfully sheltered from the sea breeze. Finn and Rowan were having a great time having races with me along the prom and Rowan was insisting on walking along the freshly painted Cornish-dairy-ice-cream-coloured wall that bounded the beach.

Having stocked up at a local Eroski supermarket and allowing the boys to stay up later than they would at home (although they don't know 9pm here is really 8pm back home) we're settled in for the week. Sharon has felt really chilled out from the off. I suspect it may take me a day or two, depending on how well Angus sleeps!

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