Tuesday 24 August 2010

The Incorrigible Rowan!

I have to add this as I know I'll forget it again. We were on our way to school to pick up the boys. Rowan hopped into the car and sat in his seat. I was putting Angus in the car seat, and was explaining to Rowan how he would have to start learning how to do his own seat belt as he was big enough now. He looked at me, gave me a very Gallic shrug, both palms facing skyward, and said "I'm a boy, I'm three years old, I'm only human".

I'm still chuckling now, just thinking about it. He used the word "repairing" the other day talking about his lego spacecraft he'd built, and when Ian asked him what it meant, he said "well, I fixed it!". His vocab for a three year old is quite staggering sometimes. God knows he uses enough bloody words on a daily basis! That's the Joe Gormley gene!

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