Sunday 5 September 2010

Finn is Six

Finn is six! It's the start of birthday season, both in our house and beyond it would seem. Finn has a run of parties the next few weeks and was at Evan's football party this morning. (He said he got two kicks and scored one goal. St. Mirren could do with that sort of ratio.) We can't remember Finn going to so many last year so maybe he's getting more popular!

We hosted Finn's party at home. It was a pyjama party, at Finty's behest, and his guests came suitably attired. Sharon, Marie and I stuck to the day clothes. Marie was a surprise visitor, arriving late on Saturday night to be picked up by me from the airport. Sharon was cursing me for taking so long at Sainsburys as she was waiting on ingredients to bake Finn's monster chocolate cake, but I was forgiven when I arrived home with her mammy. Marie is sporting a cast on her wrist. She broke it and damaged her ankle, tripping at the end of a four mile walk last week.

Thankfully, Finn and Rowan, the usual tearful two, had a great time at the party and there were no tantrums as everyone played in the garden, just about destroying the apple tree and some of the lads just about destroying each other. When you see a group of boys that age you realise that ours really aren't that boisterous or physical. It would be good if they were a bit tougher but I'm glad they don't knock lumps out each other. That said, it has been noticeable that Finn has been getting a bit rougher with Sean and Rowan and I suspect each boy in turn will show more grit. Poor Sean will likely be the whipping boy!

Finn was pleased with his Wall-E Wii game, various Lego presents and T-shirts and books, a Biffy Clyro CD, some dinosaur stuff and a car that drives on the wall and ceiling. It also uses a prohibitive amount of batteries to do so. Sharon excelled with the pizza, sandwiches, jelly, fruit and cakes, all of which were consumed with gusto. The cake was brought out, coincidentally, almost six years to the time of Finn's birth (4.38pm). That was a Sunday too. After the main party, I did a treasure hunt around the garden for Finn, Sean and Ross which they enjoyed, especially as the ultimate treasure was a Curly Wurly each!

For the record, the attendees at the party were Rory, Zoe, Rosie, Jamie, Alistair, Charlie, Robbie, Ethan, Evan, Brodie and Ross (P).

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