Tuesday 21 September 2010

Sleeping over

Rowan is still too young to go on a sleepover. His compromise on Sunday night was to be allowed to move his mattress into Sean and Finn's room so he could share with them. He is desperate to be a big boy like his brothers. Sean and Finn were surprisingly amenable to Rowan sleeping in with them, especially Finn who usually complains that Rowan talks too much. Looking back to April, I've no idea how they managed to share a bed in Mallorca for a fortnight.

Angus has been moved back down to the spare room after spending the summer upstairs with Rowan. Angus has been waking regularly before 7am and once Rowan is disturbed, the whole house is disturbed, so for all our sakes it's probably best that Angus moves back downstairs until he's ready for a bed. He seems to have had a run of colds and terrible nappies for the last month, ever since he got his MMR jab. He was the only boy not to have his hair cut at the weekend.

I took Sean and Finn swimming at Dalmahoy on Sunday, a free swim courtesy of British Gas, while Sharon took the wee two to Loanhead. Angus was apparently indefatigable in his pursuit of freedom, drinking half the pool in the process. Sharon, who is still battling the jet lag, also took the boys out for an evening stroll up past Swanston Village yesterday.

My exercise at the weekend was a long walk across Morton Mains to Broomhills and back along Frogston Rd. I needed it to shake off the effects of the cricket club dinner on Friday night. A curry in Lancers and a cider or two in the Baillie and the Standard were enough for me as I knew that, getting home at 1am, I wasn't in with a chance of a long lie on the Saturday. It was a good night, with the visiting Matthew Dickens in typically wicked form.

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