Tuesday 16 November 2010

You have to laugh!

Rowan. Rowan Patrick Wallace. Incorrigible, beyond a doubt. His comment today as I dried him and dressed him after swimming - "Mum, I did really well today, and I NEVER did a wee in the pool at all!"

A couple of weeks ago, he was talking about the twins at nursery and those at pre-school and asked me "Please Mum can I have a twin? I'd like to be a twin sister."

Last night, Sean, Finn and Ro sitting at the coffee table, inhaling a large bowl of popcorn, watching the Strictly Come Dancing results show which we'd taped (taped technically isn't the right word, is it, when you V+ something!), and sighed and said "This is the life!" Simple pleasures, my son, simple pleasures, that's what it's all about.

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