Wednesday 22 December 2010

Stable Manners

Sean took to the stage yesterday (well, a seat to the side of the stage) as part of the P4 choir supporting the P5 Christmas show entitled "Stable Manners." There was an afternoon and evening performance. Finn and Rowan were at the former, although Rowan, accompanying Alison, was sprawled out on a chair fast asleep for the duration and was the devil's own child on waking. Consequently, he wouldn't sleep in the evening, appearing in the living room at regular intervals once Sharon and I returned from the evening performance.

Sean sang out well, far improved from his stage debut in the City Nursery nativity five years ago when his thumb remained firmly lodged in his mouth for the duration. Looks like we'll be attending the Christmas show for seven of the next eight years, until Angus clears P5!

Our fingers are crossed that "online Santa" isn't held up by the snow. We have contingency plans in place but there is one item that may need an IOU from Santa!

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