Tuesday 22 March 2011

Hospital visit

I had a trip to the hospital yesterday to check out my innards. I went to the doctor late last year as I felt the benefits of the gluten-free diet had worn off and there were a number of symptoms similar to what I used to experience before being diagnosed with coeliac disease. My self-diagnosis from internet searches suggested a yeast overgrowth to me but trying to cut out yeast and sugar-containing foods and alcohol (as the yeast feeds on these) is a serious challenge. It makes eating gluten-free look like a breeze. Anyway, the doctor referred me to the gastroentorology department and after much nonsense with delayed letters and waiting list hokey-cokey I got an appointment at short notice.

Sharon dropped me off and I had a fairly unexciting afternoon hanging around various waiting and recovery rooms. I was sedated for the procedure. I wasn't particularly aware of feeling sedated but, looking back, I was able to respond to directions but wasn't in any great discomfort. I enjoyed the gluten-free toast they provided me with afterwards, having not eaten anything solid for about 36 hours.

Sharon picked me up as there was a risk I could feel woozy, having been under sedation, so I wasn't allowed to drive home. Did they find anything? I'll find out in a few weeks. I have to say I felt better following this procedure which probably had as much to do with the cleansing effect of the near-fasting and Piccolax preparation as anything else.

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