Friday 24 June 2011

Sporting Sean

Sean has had more opportunities recently to try plenty things that neither Sharon nor I had when we were his age. Last Thursday, when we were in Italy, the cubs were orienteering up at Bonaly in the Pentlands Park. It was rather rainy but it sounds like they had a good run about in the trees. Last night, he was over at South Queensferry with the cubs for some water activities which mostly involved kayakig by the sounds of things. Again, he came home wet but happy. Credit to him for trying these things, but it would be good if he showed more of an interest in taking one or two sports or activities up, rather than Moshi Monsters (the current favourite website amongst his peers) or the DS.

He wasn't too pleased with his performance in his school sports day but enjoyed the cub sports evening down at Myreside. He's doing well at his skiing and seems to be enjoying his golf and has improved his cycling at school. It's difficult to build on this though, as Sharon has been working a lot at the weekends and I'm at work during the week, so when looking after all four you have to go with activities that involve the least complications.

Recently Sean was at Sporting Hearts, where the class is ferried to Tynecastle and has the opportunity to try a few things, not just sports related. He was playing the drums. Having badgered us to buy him a recorder a couple of months ago, his interest lasted no more than a day, with the recorder now in that great pile of largely ignored toys and purchases that is the playroom. Trying to keep stock of all the stuff that is in there and the boys' bedrooms is a full time, and increasingly futile, job as Angus and Rowan tend to drag bits and pieces all over the house, eventually depositing them far from their origin.

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