Monday 25 July 2011

In God's name

"Why did God's mammy call him God?" asked Rowan of Sharon the other day. "Because she liked the name," was Sharon's wise answer. Angus came out with the word "dangerous" while at the playpark with Adrian. There are many subtle changes happening to our boys. Rowan is looking ruddy after his days in the sun in Ireland and seems very ready for school. Sean and Finn have had a good week with morning golf camp at Swanston. Sharon even let them go round to the shop on their own on Saturday morning and Finn went back again on his own when his sweet turned out to be malformed. Angus is storming round the place and loving it when he can get outside to play. He was filthy for most of the week as Adrian was clearing earth in the corner of the front garden and putting down slabs on top of which he's erected a pergola with benches. Angus felt the need to sit in the soil and cover himself at regular intervals, leading to multiple baths each day.

Adrian took the middle two up to Swanston Village with a view to walking up Allermuir on Saturday but they only got as far as the hollowed out tree. I suspect Rowan wouldn't have been up for the whole climb anyway but his time will come. While I was at the cricket on Sunday it was a blistering day up in Edinburgh so Sharon, Adrian and the boys headed down to Biggar for the afternoon as Rowan had a morning birthday party. The paddling pool was filled so the boys had a great time with Angus a permanent fixture in the pool - until he did a poo in his trunks! Rowan had his usual meltdown when it was time to go and Angus refused to leave the pool but Sharon eventually got them home for a barbecue dinner.

I had a pleasant Saturday wandering the streets of London. From Waterloo I crossed the Thames and wandered up to Covent Garden via Trafalgar Square then visited the British Museum for the first time. I just spent an hour or so, looking mostly at the Roman and Egyptian artefacts. The number of mosaics, busts, statues and sarcophaguses is quite remarkable. I discovered Tas, the sister Turkish restaurant of the place I ate at when down in London in May and had lunch there then headed across to Hyde Park on the Tube. After a pleasant doze near the circular lake I undertook some light shopping in Kensington, buying a Casio watch and salivating over the wares in the Wholefood Market. There were a few tube closures and it took me a while to work my way back to East Sheen but Ali put down a fine dinner while we watched the Tour de France and cricket highlights. A splendid day!

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