Monday 19 September 2011

No Great North Run

Sharon was very disappointed last week at having to pull out from the Great North Run that she had been training so hard for. Having done a couple of 13.1 mile runs she was looking forward to doing a good time in what is the biggest half-marathon in the world. Unfortunately, her knee went during some speed work earlier in the month and despite intense physio and rest, she realised it just wouldn't have been up to the test. Hannah did the run in 2:10 and Sharon watched the race on TV yesterday but obviously felt upset at not being able to take part. Thanks to everyone who had supported her and Hannah. I've tried to convince Sharon she hasn't let anyone down.

Sean was at Lewis's overnight on Saturday for an extended sleepover party in celebration of Lewis's 9th birthday. Sounds like he had a great time as there was a fair house full of his pals. Iain took them down to Braidburn Park to sail homemade boats along the burn, they played games, ate lots and didn't get much sleep. I'm sure the Valentines are heaving a sigh of relief that their turn is over.

Finn and Rowan slept in together and I took them both swimming yesterday at Loanhead. Rowan's swimming isn't developing at all but at least now he can plunge under the water and re-emerge without screaming the place down and heading for the exit. He had been keen to go swimming from the day before, when I took him and Angus up to Castlelaw Hill Fort and then to the playpark at Loanhead. Rowan had me playing "The Hobbit" as I'm telling him a version of the story from my head at bedtime at the moment. I was Gandalf. He was Bilbo for a bit, but wanted to be a wizard so I christened him Radagast the Red, who could talk to birds and animals and plants. Rowan loves this sort of stuff. Hopefully he can marry his creative imagination with his school work.

Angus was intrigued by the sheep surrounding the path and just seemed delighted to be out and about somewhere new. He walked very well at Castlelaw. We must have climbed a good 150 feet from the car park.

Finn had quite an active day yesterday. After swimming he went straight to Rory and Brodie's party at Hillend. Tubing was the order of the day, despite the heavy showers. Finn was soaked in sweat however, from wearing a ski helmet on his many trips down the nursery slope in the inflatable tube.

I got some golf in on Friday, playing a rare solo round at Kingsacre. It was good to just concentrate on hitting the ball and playing the course rather than against someone else. I had my best round for quite a while, an 82 (+12), spoilt a little by driving into the pond at the last. Still, 8 pars and some decent putting made for an enjoyable afternoon, even if the rain did come on quite heavily.

We've just been out the office after the new shrill fire alarm went off. Speculation is that the rumour mill overheated: probably too many people gathered in one place discussing what they've heard in the last few days. I'm sure there will be announcements shortly.

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