Thursday 1 December 2011

Blood from a stone

We had a visitor last weekend. Vanessa Milligan came up on the Friday to do a piece at one of Sharon's meetings as well as observe one of Sharon's shows. As ever, the boys were quite happy to have someone new in the house: it doesn't bother them at all. When I think back to my childhood we never had anyone to stay, nor did we go to anyone's house to stay. It's a very different life for our boys!

On the Sunday we drove out to Haddington as Sharon was doing a table-top at the Christmas Fayre. It was very cold but we had a brief stroll through the town and a wander around the stalls before retiring inside for a hot chocolate. Rowan managed to lose more gloves. How many gloves and hats will we get through before we're done!? Sharon's job was inside, thankfully, given the low temperatures, so we left her to it and drove Vanessa to the airport.

There was a public workers strike on St. Andrews Day that meant the school was closed so the children enjoyed an impromptu holiday. I covered the morning to let Sharon get some work done then headed into the office in the afternoon. The following day, Sharon and I had a rare afternoon off together with no kids. However, Sharon's idea of fun, after we had lunched at the new Wagamama in Lothian Rd, was that we go up and give blood in Lauriston Place. I have never given blood before and registered with a little trepidation. Sharon was fizzing mad as her iron count was a tick too low to donate. No such problems for me, despite the asthma and gout and various medicines I have been taking of late, so I hopped on the couch and provided a pint of claret. I didn't feel too woozy afterwards. Suppose I need to do it more often now.

I'd still rather have had a wander round a gallery or something though...

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