Wednesday 28 March 2012

Cub camp

Sean set out on his first cub camp on Friday evening, up to Bonaly with 17 of his peers from the South Morningside troop. He seems to enjoy the cubs and has been really looking forward to the camp. In the event, he was in a room with five of his class-mates from school. They were staying in a lodge rather than in tents. Needless to stay they were up very late, past midnight on the Friday and just before it on the Saturday. He had a great time. They had Olympic-themed teams and tasks, inspections and cooking and tidying up and he just loved it. Sharon and Angus went to collect him on the Sunday and Sharon said they sat down by a stream and the normally taciturn Sean ("How was blah?" "Fine") went into overload, describing what he had done. I've yet to persuade him to write it all down here for posterity.

Sharon had her own thrills on Saturday when, on the last leg of her road trip up the M74 to Glasgow, the drive shaft sheared while she was in the outside lane. With Lilias in the car, Sharon calmly navigated across three lanes of traffic and a joining slip, with only the car's existing momentum to get her to safety. Fortunately she made it without mishap. The AA were called and towed her to a Halfords garage in Glasgow, near Hampden. No chance of getting it fixed so she had to make it to her night out in Glasgow and home on the Sunday by train. It meant she was able to take Angus on "a big 'venture" on Tuesday, getting the bus into town and the train through to Glasgow, then another bus. He was a star man throughout, tiring in Glasgow (the finger goes in the mouth), but perking up at a MacDonalds (the first Wallace child to venture over the threshold of such an establishment) and a soft play. Irritatingly the car was not fixed, the actual source of the problem being a part attached to the drive shaft. Sharon demanded a courtesy car and drove home to cram all the boys in it and take them to swimming. She returned to Glasgow today to pick up the Sharan, £675 lighter.

I was up at Bonaly on Monday with Finn and Rowan for the Beavers' sausage sizzle. It was a balmy evening. There was a scavenger hunt which turned into a Rowan hunt (easily distracted, as ever, he disappeared off to do something he found more interesting) then we sizzled our sausages and sang songs round the campfire. It was good to see Finn join in the singing this year rather than sit with his thumb in and Rowan certainly enjoyed himself. He'll be heading to Beavers in the autumn.

Not surprisingly, Sean has been rather grumpy this week. Add the clocks going forward to his lack of beauty sleep at Cub Camp and you can see why!

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