Wednesday 14 March 2012

Finn and the flame

Finn held the Olympic torch today at school. It was being shown round the classes. He seemed quite pleased but he perhaps doesn't appreciate yet what a great honour that was. On the sporting front, Finn had a tennis session last week at Craiglockhart through the school. He enjoyed the stations and hitting the ball and probably the change in routine.

Last week Sean was at Dynamic Earth with his class as part of their rainforest project. The next day he was part of a Pentland team of P5's who were at some sort of Maths Fun Day at Merchiston Castle School. It wasn't clear (from Sean) if the 26 schools represented were just from Edinburgh or from further afield. They had to do puzzles but Sean seemed more enthusiastic about the free lunch on offer. Pentland came fifth, according to Sean.

Rowan was at Tae-Kwon Do on Monday for a trial lesson at Gracemount. A martial art could be just what he needs for some discipline and control and he's been daft about Kung Fu ever since watching the Karate Kid. Sharon watched him do some of the drills and reported that he certainly had much greater speed than some of the others. For example, in pairs, you had to touch your partner on the shoulder and avoid him touching you. Rowan was far outscoring his partner. Likewise in an all-fours drill where you had to touch others hands and avoid them touching you. Rowan's great problem is listening so we'll see, if he goes along to this class, if he can crack that. He was a little better at swimming this week, as his teacher got him to lead rather than wait his turn.

Sharon was in Copenhagen at the weekend, meeting up with Ruth and Susan for their annual get together. They had a great time catching up and eating. Copenhagen was expensive but not quite Oslo-expensive. Sharon had time to herself on the Sunday and visited a couple of exhibitions. Meanwhile I oversaw a fairly quiet boys' weekend at home. Golf and soft play on Saturday morning followed by watching St. Mirren salvage a 2-2 draw against Hearts in the Cup quarter-final. On Sunday we were a bit more proactive and headed to Beecraigs country park for a good play in the playground and in the woods. After a Tesco lunch we hunted for trolls in Linlithgow Palace and climbed to the top of the tower before playing tig in the courtyard.

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