Monday 21 May 2012

Pierchic finale

After the Saturday activities, Sunday was a much quieter affair, as it generally is on a Pampered Chef trip, once all the Level 1 and 2 achievers depart. Back home though, Finn was having a much more exciting time of it. He was one of three Beavers picked from his colony to go to Longcraig at South Queensferry for a special day of activities for the Beavers and Cubs of the South Morningside troop. Along with Rory Fletcher, he made a tomahawk and a head-dress and then was surprised by the special visitor for the day who flew in by helicopter: Chief Scout Bear Grylls! Sharon and I knew this was what was planned, but we hadn't told Finn. The Cubs and Beavers got to talk to him. Finn got a signed photo. Between this and holding the Olympic torch earlier in the year, Finn probably doesn't appreciate he's had a couple of special occasions recently.

Back in the 40-degree plus heat of Dubai, we had a lazy day after a late breakfast in the airy and stylish restaurant of the Al Qasr Hotel, a short abra trip away from the Mina A'Salam. We read and lounged about until late afternoon when we got dressed up for our last evening out. We boarded an abra just after sunset, the lights of the hotels and apartments of the Madinat resort reflecting off the water as we made the short journey to the end of the private beach across from the Al Qasr Hotel. From there we walked out a broad wooden pier to the exclusive Pierchic restaurant, the Burj Al Arab billowing splendidly in the twilight further up the coast. After a drinks reception on the terrace we moved indoors. Surprisingly perhaps, there was no view of the Burj Al Arab from the interior, but the food had our undivided attention, being splendidly presented and delightful in taste. We were seated with Hannah and Gav and Tracy Campbell and her mother. Part way through the meal there was a proposal (accepted) in the party which set the cap on the romantic ambience of the meal, the company and the location. The stroll back along the pier was leisurely then we had a swift buggy ride back to the Mina A'Salam from where a good few of us met up in the McLeish's room for a last hurrah.

On the Monday morning we located yet another breakfast room but foolishly opted to sit outside in the already stifling heat. The rest of the party departed for their flights home while we took our time packing and easing out of Pampered Chef mode, being able to indulge in a late check-out at 3pm. Our taxi to Sharjah was a massive black vehicle, almost Hummeresque in size and very comfortable in size. The directions sent by Pete were eventually digested by the driver who dropped us at the Kavanagh's residence in the Al Goaz district of Sharjah.

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