Thursday 10 May 2012

Trip advisor

The incentive trip to Dubai is growing ever nearer. Sharon has been increasingly giddy, debating the wardrobe and travel plans and keeping tabs on the temperature. It's fair to say it's going to be a tad warmer than here. As I write, the rain is battering down again on another cold and miserable May evening. Driest March on record, near enough, followed by the wettest April. Somehow I've managed to get two games of cricket in so far but it has been unpleasantly chilly.

Sean is really enjoying his gymnastics class and is doing his best to improve his flexibility. He's not far off doing the splits! The P5 show this year is on a Greek gods and Olympics theme. Sean has been practising hard but was distraught when Sharon told him she wouldn't be able to go. The date for the show was moved to a date that clashes with a meeting Sharon has down south.

Rowan has been along to his Tae Kwon Do class a couple of times now and looks fantastic in his outfit. His smile lights up the room when he's all dressed up. If he can concentrate on what he's being taught, this is something I think he could be good at. He lost golden time at school last week once more, for not behaving at Assembly. Getting Rowan to sit still and listen is never going to be an easy task. I only hope it doesn't count against him as, apart from that, his reading and number work and writing and drawing are coming on very well.

Angus had his hair cut last week. It's made him look like a real Coen, especially when he smiles. He's worked through the terrible twos but can still be very demanding on an off day and very determined to do things his way. The potty training isn't going particularly well. There are good days and bad days but he's generally too late in letting us know that things have gone awry.

Finn continues to confound. Getting him to do his homework can quickly escalate into a battle of wills. Trying to understand why he feels and acts the way he does is very frustrating. He's still getting regular night terrors, usually in the evening but sometimes Sharon has to get up to him in the night too.

Adrian was over at the weekend. "Uncle Aidy" was the centre of attention from all the boys and he started a Lego revival in the house. Given the weather outside it's just as well the boys have found something other than the iPods and DS to entertain them indoors.

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