Sunday 24 June 2012

Camping contrasts

As term ends there are many activities for the boys to take part in. Sean was looking forward to the Group Camp across in Fife, at Fordell Firs, for some time. Finn, on the other hand, had taken some persuading to sign up and was still apprehensive as I drove him across the bridge on the Saturday afternoon. It wasn't helped by the fact that he was a bit late, as a result of us having mixed up the times. Consequently, the beaver troop was already assembled and tent spaces had been allocated so Finn didn't get the place he wanted. I could tell he wasn't happy. He joined in the activities readily enough and I left him to it.

I passed a few words with Sean, who had arrived on the Friday evening and was tired, dirty and loving it! He was on his way to do some caving and had been having a great time with his pals. He hadn't got to sleep until some ungodly hour of the morning but didn't seem to care.

Predictably, once I was back in Edinburgh and had fed the wee two their dinner, I got a call to say Finn wasn't settling and was quite adamant he wanted to come home. So, back in the car and across the bridge to pick up Finn who wasn't upset at all, just quite clear he didn't want to spend the night in a sleeping bag in the corner of a tent inside a bigger marquee in a muddy field. I can't say I blamed him. At his age, I doubt I would have fancied it either and Finn is generally a bit of a homebird who likes to have his family and familiar comforts around him. Sharon was out for Anne Marie's birthday, at Castle Terrace restaurant, our new favourite haunt it seems, so I had to collect Finn with Angus and Rowan in their jammies, the former falling asleep and fortunately transferring to bed on our return.


On the Sunday it was back across once more, this time to pick up Sean. He was sick the night before (apparently the "spaghetti with mince" was as appetising as it sounds) but was still running around and participating in the Highland Games that were on. Eventually we gather together his muddy gear and returned home. Not surprisingly, he was a little bit tired!

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