Monday 24 September 2012


Life can be so busy at the moment that it can be difficult to find time to do things as a family. We had a pleasant afternoon out today at Septemberfest, a free festival at Broughton High School. There was a tennis taster that was good fun and Finn surprised us with some good racquet control. Then again, he is very natural when it comes to sports that demand a degree of skill - it's just that he doesn't seem interested in applying himself to participate and learn more and compete.

There was an inflatable obstacle course and plenty of stalls inside the school too. Sean and Finn both got leather bracelets into which they could impress shapes or their name. And Finn tried some drumming too.

Rowan has finally moved up to the Beginners 2 class at swimming. I took him for a "play swim" at Penicuik and he did a fantastic, proper dive in. Angus hasn't been keen on going to his Saturday morning lessons, but we established that it was the jumping in he didn't like so, once that was off the agenda, he was fine. He's been going to Mini Kickers too. Maybe one of them will learn how to kick a ball.

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