Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Skiing and jigging

Sean got a sore one on Friday at skiing, careening off the slope at Hillend in the murky weather and skittering across the grass and mud before colliding with a rock. He's got a very nasty bruise on his buttock. At least he passed his Level 6 test. Finn got his Level 1 certificate but was miffed he missed out on Level 2, his turns needing more practice. Credit to them with their skiing - the weather on Friday was misty and drizzly and generally horrible but they don't complain about going skiing. It's the one energetic activity they take part in (not counting Sean's gymnastics) so it's good that they are prepared to go out in all weathers.

Sean's bruised bahookey didn't stop him going to the pantomime at the Kings' Theatre in the evening, along with Finn and the rest of the cubs. It was Mother Goose and they seemed to enjoy it well enough. The sweets, the late night and being out with a crowd of friends and peers are probably more exciting than the show itself. I'm glad they go with the cubs as it saves Sharon and me having to endure it!

On the Wednesday it was the school Christmas disco. Sharon was helping out and took Rowan down for the first part, the P1-P3 disco, before returning him and taking down the big two. All enjoyed themselves although I suspect Rowan and Finn found it a bit noisy and didn't do too much dancing in the gym hall, no doubt running with their pals outside and round the tuck shop. Finn did show that generous nature he has by acting on a remark made by Sharon that she wished she had brought more money to buy herself something, by going off and buying her a sweet out of his own money. He then suggested spending the last of his money on getting sweets for Angus and Rowan and sharing out what he and Sean had left with his brothers. For all he can be a house devil at times, there is that thoughtful side to Finn that Shylock Sean would never think of displaying.

Sean did enjoy his dancing though. He's been glued to Strictly again this year and has been trying out new moves with Rowan. Rowan is willing to be thrown around like a rag doll but he has been coming off second best and has a few bruises to show for it. Sean is easily upset when we point out to him that if he wants to learn how to dance properly, and especially learn how to do lifts safely, he should be going to classes. "I don't want to learn to tap dance!" was his latest huffy response, along with "I can be self-taught!" before storming off to read a book. As with his gymnastics, Sean likes to do things to a point, the point generally being just short of where he has to learn and practice over and over again to get the basics right.

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