Monday 25 March 2013

Cub Camp

Despite the prolonged bitterly cold spell, with flurries of snow stinging into our faces on a sharp easterly wind every time we leave the house, Sean and Finn were looking forward to cub camp up at Bonaly. For the last two weeks they have been at the planning stage, drawing up a list of what they needed to pack, looking out all their kit days ahead of schedule and checking online for "cheap sweets in Edinburgh" (Sean) to supplement their tuck boxes.

It has been especially pleasing to see Finn taking up the challenge after his aborted stay at Group camp in Fordell Firs last spring. He couldn't decide whether or not to go to camp this time, being the youngest of the 18 selected, but we asked him to consider the pros and cons and Sean was very good at selling the idea to him so he committed to go, partly because he didn't want to tell Simon, the leader, that he wasn't going. So, last Friday, after school broke up and Sean and Finn completed their skiing for the term, they packed up and headed up to bitter Bonaly as dusk fell. Rowan and Angus had a good look round too. Rowan would have been in the bunkhouse like a shot. The big two took their leave of us with nary a backward glance, reminiscent of first days at school and nursery.

Sharon was "away" for the weekend, holidaying in Edinburgh with Ruth and Susan who had flown in for their annual reunion. They were staying in an apartment in Jamaica St. Sharon was thinking a lot about Finn and how we was getting on. I was mildly concerned, when he said he was going to go, that I might get a late call asking to pick him up because he didn't want to stay, but once I saw him go in I wasn't worried. He was much less bothered than last year, plus, at Bonaly, the cubs were staying in the bunkhouse rather than under canvas. Even when he was split up from Sean and sharing a room with other cubs, he took it all in his stride. Inevitably they were up late both nights and were tired when we picked them up on the Sunday afternoon (Sean had lost his glasses and seemed more weary than Finn) but they had a great time doing various craft activities, sledging and playing a nocturnal wide game on the Friday.

It was good to see Finn confident in a new situation and credit must go to Sean, as the big brother, for generating the excitement and fostering that confidence.

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