Wednesday 28 August 2013

A taste of independence

Sean was delighted with himself for walking four times on his own on Friday! He and Finn walked home from school as Sharon realised she didn't have enough space in the car (there were other friends being transported), he went round to the shop on his own and then he walked over to Emma Bruce's house for an afternoon play and tea. Finally, he and Callum walked up to Scouts at Fairmilehead Parish Church. Sean was in his (too small) cub uniform for this transition night and will start the Scouts properly next week. Of course, off the back of this, he is now pestering us for his own phone. He says he'll settle for a Samsung Galaxy. Aye right! I'll look out one of my old work "feature phones" and see if we can use that for a basic text and calls pay as you go package.

On Saturday we drove into town for a pleasant tapas lunch at La Tasca. The children's tapas were excellent and Sharon and I fairly filled ourselves. We then wandered into the west end to get Finn a new guitar, partly for his birthday and partly because he wants to start lessons. We'll see how well he perseveres, knowing his reluctance to do anything that resembles work. Finally we picked up a new Scout shirt and belt for Sean at the Guide shop in Coates Crescent.

Sharon was doing training all day on Sunday and the boys were a bit of a handful. I had the first of the homework battles with Finn. "I just don't like reading and writing!" he wailed, all teary, as he took an hour to write one sentence of notes for his British Sign Language poster. I have pointed out to him that that may be a hindrance to him in his future education.

Angus and the boys were going mad for the pianos in Rae Mackintosh, where we bought Finn's guitar. Admist the cacophony, Angus ran across to a stool and shouted, "Mummy! I'm ready to rock'n'roll!" before hammering away at the keys. The spirit of Jerry Lee Lewis (and my brother Billy) lives on. So taken with the pianos were the boys that they have decided to ask Santa for a combined present of one. Sharon had a conversation with Sean during the week about Santa not being real. He had got to the point where he had twigged it but he'll be a good lad and keep up the pretence for his brothers. It's Finn we have to worry about on that score.

England coasted to their 3-0 Ashes success over Australia with a lively draw (thanks to an attacking declaration from Aussie skipper Clarke) that brightened up an otherwise lacklustre series. My own cricket sputtered to a stop with our exit from competitions back in June and, given the lack of Standard Life staff involvement (we have been heavily reliant on Indian contractors this year and last), whether the team goes the way of the dodo remains to be seen. I haven't really missed having to organise teams and opposition and keep an eye on the weather and have preferred the ease with which I can arrange a round of golf - on my own if need be. I shot my best score of the year (82) round Broomieknowe on a warm, still Monday afternoon without seeming to play that well. My putting was decent and a 300 yard drive to the last green that annoyed a couple of members was a good hit. Shame I failed to convert for a birdie! My handicap is down to 16.3 now.

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