Thursday 20 December 2007

Five days to go

A haircut in time for ChristmasThe problem with buying the tree at the start of December is a feeling that we peak too soon. Are we there yet? Christmas should have been here by now. The boys' early December Christmas excitement seems to have abated and it's a matter of keeping them ticking over on a plateau before the final push when we get to Ireland on Sunday. Sean is still churning out cards, "posters" and sundry other decorations featuring angels, reindeer, trees, Santas and the odd baby Jesus. He had his school Christmas party today and has his nativity service tomorrow. Finn has his playgroup party tomorrow.

We wrote out the cards last night which was a step more than we managed last year. Sharon had her Pampered Chef salsa night at Cuba Norte and has a meal with ex-Standard Life colleagues tonight. I just had a sumptuous team lunch at Roti. The socialising bit is almost done; soon it will be time to draw up the menus and get stuck into the last-minute festive food shopping and cooking.

As a belated anniversary present we went through to Glasgow last Saturday to see the Saw Doctors. It must be 16 years since I saw them and probably 20 since I set foot in the Barrowlands which is still the preserve of the high-spirited, grab-a-partner, dregs-throwing mob. We kept up the back mostly and enjoyed the show from afar. A typically rousing Saw Doctors set featured most of the old favourites and plenty of singing along from the crowd.

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