Sunday 16 December 2007

The Highest 3-Year -Old Boy in Edinburgh

The effort was well worth itAnd not just because he's excited about Christmas. Today, Finn and Sean, in the company of their father and mother (who was further burdened by having Rowan on her back), made it to the top of Arthur's Seat.

Top o' the world, maFinn had mentioned Arthur's Seat out of the blue a few days ago. He has a tendency to do this, trotting out words or phrases from overheard or remembered conversations. So today, as it was bright and clear and the boys had driven me up the wall yesterday while Sharon was out, Sharon nominated a climb up Edinburgh's extinct volcano. Despite the cold and the steep incline for two small boys, we made it up in good time.

Well done boysOK, so we parked at 120m and the summit is only 251m above sea level (about 816 feet: a climb of about 425 feet) but that's still some achievement for Sean and especially Finn, who held my hand but hardly complained once. Sean was thrilled and loved scrambling up the steep bits. And when he got to the top, Finn was the highest three-year-old boy in Edinburgh.

Sharon did very well with Rowan on her back and we all enjoyed our lunch at The Hub at the top of the Royal Mile all the more for having had plenty of fresh air and exercise. Even Rowan, free from the shackles of the backpack, took to walking up and down The Hub corridor when he wasn't eating more than the other two put together!

After that we went down to Princes St Gardens, just in time to see Santa feeding the reindeer. Sean managed to shake him by the hand and wish him a Merry Christmas, his eyes like saucers before he grabbed on to Sharon's leg. We bumped into a few folk we know, including Helen and Fraser. All in all, a delightful and tiring family day. We'll all sleep tonight!

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