Thursday 13 December 2007

Parter in a Pear Tree

I've made a couple of Christmas CD's for the boys, the advantage of doing your own compilation being you can throw in some Eels and Sufjan Stevens to complement the, shall we say, more poppy tunes that are to their liking. On the drive to Ireland (ten days and counting), it helps us keep sane if there is some balance between "Finn and Sean's myu-zik!" and ours.

Finn got all excited when The Twelve Days of Christmas came on. "We got this story at playgroup! It's all about a Parter in a Pear Tree!" Sharon did try to tell him it was a partridge but if there's one thing Finn is good at, it's being adamant. "No-o! It's a Pahrr-terr!"

Sneak thief caught in the actRowan is back on his food after a couple of days "aff it". Judging by his atrocious nappies, yet another bug has swept through the Wallace household. He's walking up a storm now although he's got a near black eye from falling against a chair at nursery today.

Sean is to be one of the three innkeepers in the P1 nativity at St. John's church next week. It's a non-speaking part. In fact, it's a non-speaking play. Seems that the P7's will be doing all the readings. We have hopes that he will actually sing this year after his last two thumb-wedged-in festive performances. He sang Away in a Manger (two verses) in bed tonight and has been heard warbling other Christmas ditties as he goes about the house.

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