Tuesday 15 January 2008

Monday is Fun Day

The boys are increasingly aware of the value of exercise. At least, we tell them that exercise and a good varied diet are important for staying healthy. If we get the message across now, hopefully they will develop good habits in later life.

It did end in tearsSharon takes Finn to a Gym Nippers class on a Monday morning. He was happy being left on his own and was "swinging upside down" this week. Rowan goes into the creche with nary a glance behind him and Sharon manages a quick half-hour swim. In the afternoon, Sean goes to his SwimFast class at Watsons. His teacher has noticed he is better than the other two boys in his group and he is to be taught as a Beginner rather than a Non-Swimmer. This is good as he didn't really advance much last term after the first few weeks in the Pre-School group.

I even managed a lunchtime walk yesterday, exploring the Warriston cycle-path up to Goldenacre. Today I looped around Claremont. It's good to get out of the office at lunchtime and not head to the shops. From my location here at the north edge of the city centre I can quickly reach the Botanics or the Water of Leith or just explore the local residential streets and lanes. You get too used to driving everwhere, so it's good to get a slower, more detailed take on things. It freshens the mind and lungs just to get out for a bit in daylight.

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