Monday 14 January 2008

We're outnumbered

Sharon arrived home on Saturday evening after a rewarding but tiring leadership conference in Manchester (No. 1 in the standings thus far - but will she pursue that top spot at the cost of getting to Advanced Director?). Marie grabs a last minute cuddleThe boys were getting stir crazy after a weekend in which they were only out the house to wave Nana goodbye at the airport. So we went to the museum yesterday afternoon and discovered that now Rowan is walking, we are definitely outnumbered!

How do you keep an eye on all three? Rowan was toddling off in one direction, Sean was dragging one of us to look at things and Finn would keep disappearing behind display cases. We found a new bit suitable for younger children where you could put together a broken jug, fire a catapult at a castle wall, do a shape jigsaw, put together armour and coats of arms and position your castle. The boys were enjoying it but Rowan stumbled and hammered his forehead off the corner of one of the wooden plinths. Sharon rushed him to the cafe where ice was applied and he returned looking happier but with a big egg on his forehead. Poor lad.

Snapper Sean gets me and his brothersSean has been really enjoying his photography, especially now that he has discovered the video function. Inevitably, I heard Finn urging Sean, "Take a photo of my bottom, Sean" and spotted him bent over with his jammies round his ankles in the hall. The flash went off. "Aw, it's all white," bemoaned Sean as Finn's overexposed cheeks (in more ways than one) were recorded for poster(ior)ity.

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