Thursday 10 January 2008

In the bleak midwinter

My goodness it's cold! This house seems to have walls like paper. It's fine upstairs in the evenings but that's of little use when you're trying to eat, watch TV or The blue-eyed brothersgenerally live your life the rest of the time!

The snow made our local roads very treacherous for a day or two. Sean and I were making our way to the school gate on Tuesday after I had parked my car to be alerted by a shriek. My car was on the move! Fortunately it stopped sliding after a couple of feet but I had to quickly move it before it carried on its merry way to collide with something expensive.

After the snow came high winds and then very heavy rain. So it's been a right miserable week back at work. Sharon and Marie missed the worst of the first fall of snow on their drive home last Friday and the boys were very good albeit a bit befuddled at the late arrival home. Sean has settled back into school, his new swimming class at George Watsons and a new ball sports class at Pentland. Finn only has two days left at playgroup before he starts pre-school nursery.

Rowan has been advancing at a tremendous rate, both on his legs and with his communication. Recognisable words such as "hello" and "down" have been augmenting Is this cute enough?his signing. He can manage a passable "ank u", "ham", "buk" and various mama, dada, nana sounds. Help us all if he turns out to be another talker like Finn! Rowan has hardly eaten a mouthful of meat or fish the last two or three weeks and has become very choosy over what he eats. If he wants it then it has to be served up now and it goes quickly (broccoli is the latest favourite). If he doesn't want it, which covers most of the meals we've made for him of late, then you are left in no doubt that to persuade him otherwise would be folly.

Sharon drove off to Pampered Chef Leadership Conference down in Manchester today.

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