Friday 4 January 2008

Winter wonderland

Happy New Year! Few people probably Mammy and Daddy at Granny G's anniversary bash experience the luxury of using a plane like a bus, simply hopping on and off without any baggage - or children! How much easier it is when travelling lightly. I flew back from Dublin two days ago to return to work
(allegedly). I've been having it easy, taking in the sales in Edinburgh while Sharon and Marie are battling through blizzards and rain over land and sea, hopefully to return safely tonight in the car.

The sudden appearance of snow was a bit of a shock, and our elevation (570 feet above sea level) always makes for some interesting contrasts between the centre of town and our snowbound street. Navigating in and out of the drive has been interesting the last two days. I fear the snow will have gone by tomorrow and Sean will be disappointed, especially after last winter's lack of snow.

Rowan kept sneaking food off peopleWe had a quiet New Year, driving up from Tuam where we had spent the night after celebrating Granny Gormley's mass. Rowan was the star of the show, toddling all over the place, not bothered by the 30 or 40 people and hoovering food from all angles. Sean and Finn warmed to it too, although Sean dropped his new camera. Whether I can reset the now squint and stuck telescopic lens remains to be seen. The bells were quiet enough but Sharon, Adrian and I managed out for a drink on New Years Day. It's fair to say Athlone is a bit sleepy over the New Year!

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