Saturday 8 March 2008

Taxing time

I'm on location for this entry, at Bathgate Library. It's a filthy day so I've brought Sean and Rowan to visit Lesley. Finn missed out as he just didn't do what he was told one too many times and was sent to his room to reflect on why he wasn't getting to go. Rowan, after a period of standing bemused looking around him, has now started looking at some books while Sean has predictably headed straight for the colouring in sheets at the table.

We got a nasty shock on Thursday when we put the Sharan in for a service. The garage phoned to say the car had been clamped for not having a valid tax disc. Apparently the DVLA are "phasing out" reminders, with the result being that the Sharan's road tax expired at the end of January and we never noticed. So, an £80 fine and much gnashing of teeth as well as me having to tramp all round the place before being able to pick the car up on Friday.

Rowan is now romping round the library with rosy cheeks, following his Auntie and shouting. Sean is sitting reading.

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