Thursday 6 March 2008

Where is a Princess when you need one?

I walked round to nursery this morning with Rowan in the backpack and Finn powering along under his own steam. We were surprised to see a sizeable green frog (or possibly a toad) on the path leading up to our house. Finn announced it was dead. Then, a mere minute later, we see another one on the path along Swanston Terrace! Finn's comment was "quick Mam, we need to find a princess!". When I asked what he wanted a princess for, he said "to kiss the frog, Mammy!" in that exasperated tone he has when having to deal with his stupid parents. Then he scrunched down to look at the frog more closely, and started telling said frog "you need to get back under your lily pad."

Finn has the talent to frustrate like no other child I know, but at the same time I do get such a kick out of him when he is just being Finn, the bright wee lad with a great sense of curiosity for the world around him.

Yesterday, dropping him down to Preschool, I got a lengthy soliloquy from the Finnster.
Finn: I hope we get to play outside today.
Me: Me too Finn, its a lovely day.
Finn: Its a bit windy though. But that's ok cos wind is good for your lungs, and oxygen is healthy for your lungs. But rain isn't good for your lungs. Unless you stick your tongue out and catch the rain on your tongue cos that turns it into water and that's good cos you need water to survive. The rain falls out of the clouds and then falls into the rivers and that goes up the pipes and under our house and out the taps and that's how we get water to drink.

I do love that child.

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