Tuesday 22 April 2008

Another spectacle

Sean finally had his eyes tested today and is to get glasses. At a rather fraught session in an opticians in Wester Hailes where the staff were rather curt with Rowan and Sean, it was decided he needed to wear glasses permanently to help his one weak eye. The other eye has excellent vision which is why we haven't picked up on any problem before now. At least with Finn it was evident that he had the squint, so the testing process highlighted his amblyopia, which was corrected by the wearing of patches, and his long-sightedness, which is why he wears glasses. It's a shame that Sean will now have to wear glasses too. It may take him longer to adjust, being older than Finn was (17 months - Rowan's age!) when he started wearing his. Hopefully he'll see the benefit. He's staying off school today as his vision is still blurry from the eye drops he received at the opticians.

Ah, the genetic markers you pass on to your children or have passed on to you. I had my asthma review yesterday at which my lung function was estimated to be about 15% down on what it should be for a man of my height (185cm, even that is a centimetre down on my peak: maybe the nurse was too small to see properly). Between that, a bout of gout last Thursday and the ongoing coeliac disease, you wonder what other surprises are hidden in your DNA.

I had the day off yesterday for the Spring Holiday (Sean has been bereft of occasions for which to write cards since my birthday so has resorted to writing "Happy Spring" cards) and so entered into the madness that is a Monday in the Wallace household. Sean went to play at Ross's house as they were off school; Finn went to Gym Nippers and I took Rowan for a swim. After some light shopping and a play in the Gracemount playpark it was time to make lunch then I had my nurse's appointment while Finn hogged the computer and Rowan slept. Sean and Finn then got haircuts (Finn looks especially cute and cheeky with his fringe) with Rowan in tow. Next, some gardening: I severely cut back the hedge at the front wall, incurring the wrath of Sharon, while the boys played in the garden. A quick tea then it was time for Sean's swimming lesson. Sharon had a show in the evening too. No wonder she looks a bit frazzled by the end of the first day of the week.

We had a lovely lunch at the Kirklands on Sunday afternoon, with Sean and Finn kicking a ball about the enclosed rear garden which was pleasantly warm compared to the north-east-wind strafed promenade to the front.

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