Wednesday 23 April 2008

Measuring up

Sean's glasses have arrivedFor the record, Sean thought the people at the opticians were nice yesterday. He has picked out gold glasses, having been persuaded by Sharon that these were the nicest, rather than the red glasses he originally wanted. Sharon said he looked very bookish. They will be ready in a few days' time. It'll be strange seeing Sean, who we are so used to seeing without glasses, wearing spectacles. Finn, on the other hand, just suits his glasses so well. They are very much part of him. We'll have to get Rowan tested at a young enough age to be able to correct any defects. The problem with Sean's amblyopia is that it may have been detected too late for his weak eye to recover with remedial action.

We had a measuring morning today. Sean is 116cm and 22kg (75th centile), Finn is 106cm and 19kg (just above 91st centile) and Rowan is 83cm tall (about 75th centile too) and a heavy lump to carry anywhere (probably about 13kg). That's 3'9.5", 3'6", 2'8.5" for those who like their heights in old money. Still looks like Finn is going to be the biggest of the three (but don't tell Sean that). He was the heaviest baby after all.

Sharon's walking has hit a major problem - sore shins. Given that the Moonwalk is about 7 weeks away and the only real cure for shin splints is rest, she's not too pleased at this development and is hoping a visit to the pediatrist may recommend a change to her orthotics that will get her back pounding the streets once more.

I had my second cricket net last night. I seem to have maintained that smooth bowling action that has served me well for so many years and was enjoying a good smash with the bat too. Will this season prove to be as successful as last year? Keep up with progress at the Standard Life Cricket Club website.

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