Sunday 27 April 2008

Busy Bee

The reason I have been missing in action, so to speak, on the blog for the last month, is that I have (stupidly) made the decision to go all out to earn this suite in Monte Carlo. Going down to Leadership Conference in January and learning I was, at that point, top in the country on points for MC was possibly the worst thing that could happen. As then I didnt want to lose that top position. So having had a pitiful February in sales, in March I pulled out the stops and sold over £5.6k, and then April was the last ditched attempt before points ended on midnight on the 30th of the month. I should do 14 shows, projected sales should be over £6k, all going to plan. And I hope thats enough to snaffle that blasted suite. We wont actually find out till we are in Monaco in June, but I should be in with a reasonable shout, I hope.

On top of that, Lesley and I have been trying to get in training walks, into already busy weeks, usually three a week. I've really been enjoying the training, the activity, the outdoor element of it, and the fact that it forces me to have some "me" time, something I am not very good at doing otherwise. But that has gone a little (lot!) pear-shaped for the last two weeks. I've developed shin splints in my right lower leg, and its been very painful. The name is misleading, it just means the tendons and musclature on my lower shin and around the back of the calf have become inflamed and tender. Sadly rest is the only treatment. And given I am keen to get upping the miles, this set back has really hacked me off and I am getting increasingly frustrated. If it continues any further, I might need to look at the physio option.

Ian has been saying that I might have to face up to the fact that I might not be able to do the walk, but I refuse to see that. I am not a defeatist in attitude, and never have been. I WILL do the walk, come hell or high water, as I said I was going to. It may take me a long time to recover from it, but complete it I will!

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